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March 2015

Happy Spring! The team is back and in action- here’s the latest.


  • Now in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, we met with an orphan care org. called Happy Child where we found favor to film and follow one of their teenagers. We will meet our potential “Eloy” this Friday!
  • A few members of the team got to evangelize at Carnival– one of the biggest festivals of Brazil, and saw many tears and salvation prayers.


We always want to keep you on the inside of how the story is developing. Here’s what to expect:

Eloy will follow the lives of three modern day orphans as they face street life, institutionalization, and foster care. Their journey to find love and healing is combined with our team’s search to uncover the truth about modern day orphans and orphanages, and how to move forward in a fast paced, ever changing society. 

“Capturing one child’s story is worth the wait.”

– Megan Meinecke, USA

“What Meg said.”

– Kirk Wong, Canada


God willing, we are filming our “Eloy” of Brazil for this month and part of the next, followed by our final Eloy story in an undisclosed country before editing!


Thank you for your prayers, here are some specific needs of the team:

  • Discernment on which teenager to follow in Brazil

  • Favor with our contact in Asia to film at their orphanage

  • Donations to cover our final stretch of filming and travel


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