The Team


Director- Samuel RichDIRECTOR: Samuel Rich

Samuel Rich is a British national who studied at Cornwall College, England, and is a photographer, filmmaker and writer. Having travelled to most of the continents, he thrives on challenges that stretch his ability and develop his skills. He aims to use a variety of means to raise awareness of the injustices in this world and inspire others to take steps of justice. Directing an award-winning documentary in Panama, he worked on many short film and photography projects in Rwanda, Uganda, U.S.A and Guyana.





Sound Production Mixer - Kirk WongCO-PRODUCER: Kirk Wong

Kirk Wong was born in the shadows of the Rockies, in Alberta Canada. He got his first start in the media field by joining the media advocacy training school, A Voice for the Voiceless. He has since helped produce projects for NGO’s such as APRECOM, Identity Seal, and The Film Institute. He has shot on location in numerous
parts of Africa, and has covered topics such as orphan care, AIDS, genocide, and more.






Gabriella Fritz


Gabriella Fritz grew up in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, doing community development in impoverished areas with her family. She worked as a translator for international teams, and began traveling to work with social-justice issues. In India she joined a media advocacy training program and developed short films advocating for the fatherless and abused children in the Howrah train station. She had the privilege of interviewing the Prime Minister of the Tibetan government and wrote a series of videos for the Tibetans.






Casey Walker


Casey Walker is a Seattleite with a love to write. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Washington and became head of the Research & Writing department for the international non-profit, Global Breakthrough. Passionate for justice, she has travelled the world developing reports and writing screen plays for short films that cover topics such as human trafficking, children with disabilities, AIDS and more.







Megan Meinecke


Megan Meinecke is from the U.S. She graduated from the University of Washington, double-majoring in communications and history. She then led the media team for Not Abandoned, doing journalism and media advocacy. An experienced traveler, she has filmed on location in Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Thailand, and China. Each country held different social justice issues for her to capture, including orphan care, human trafficking, poverty, and children with disabilities.






Jeff Rogers

PRODUCER: Jeff Rogers

Jeff Rogers is a media producer (film, web, design, music) who has over 20 years of experience and has travelled to 35+ countries in his line of work. Jeff has produced four documentary films spanning four continents, including Journey: The Silk Road and assistant producing AIDS: The Beginning of the End. Using his camera, writing skills, and leadership, he has shaped over 50 news stories with and A Voice for the Voiceless. His personal skills and leadership also help teams to thrive and produce works far above their initial skill level.






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