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Care For Children

‘…Believe in giving the most disadvantaged children
the opportunity to grow up in a family.’


Time for Brazil

Brazil March 2015 Happy Spring! The team is back and in action- here’s the latest. CURRENTLY… Now in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, we met with an orphan care org. called Happy Child where we found favor to film and follow one of their teenagers. We will meet our potential “Eloy” this Friday! A few members of the team got to evangelize at…

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South East Asia

Thailand/Cambodia January 2015 Happy New Year! And what a year it’s been, there are so many praises to be said. In this update we reveal our top highlights of the year, fun videos, and a glimpse of what’s to come in 2015. HIGHLIGHTS of 2014 Spanning 11 countries in 12 months, our team has had the honor to learn about…

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Into India

Into India October 2014 Greetings from India! Is it fall already?! The sun continues to blaze away here in Kolkata, but we’re excited for this next season. India is truly everything one can imagine plus a million honking horns. In one of the largest cultural adjustments we’ve ever undergone, our team has discovered that laughter and humility are powerful tools to make the most…

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From Rwanda To Israel

From Rwanda To Israel July 2014 Shalom (peace) from Israel! We hope you are all enjoying the summer time sunshine. Our little team has continued to be on the move filming for the Eloy documentary and serving wherever possible. After wrapping up our time in Rwanda we bused to Uganda, Kenya, and have recently landed in Israel. We want to thank…

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From Belgium To Rwanda

Into Rwanda.. April 2014 Happy spring! The time has truly flown by since January, and has been full of blessings to share.  Here’s what’s happened so far: after wrapping up filming in Eastern Europe we headed west, to Belgium and England, followed by a big leap to Kigali, Rwanda. With your help and support, we…

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Eastern Europe Beginnings

Since September we have traveled and filmed across Eastern Europe- meeting with directors of orphanages, doctors, orphans who are now adults, adoptive families, and many others who are working on the front lines of orphan care…

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