From Rwanda To Israel


From Rwanda To Israel

July 2014

Shalom (peace) from Israel! We hope you are all enjoying the summer time sunshine. Our little team has continued to be on the move filming for the Eloy documentary and serving wherever possible. After wrapping up our time in Rwanda we bused to Uganda, Kenya, and have recently landed in Israel. We want to thank you for your prayers and support, as we are seeing God move in greater ways than ever before!


  • First thing’s first: salvations! Whether it was on the shores of the Nile, a hospital ward, or a high school classroom, we’ve encountered many souls hungry to know Jesus- and they are now our brothers and sisters in Christ!
  • Tel Aviv, Israel: Megan and Casey were blessed to see the Lord instantly heal and fully restore their friend’s back from excruciating pain.
  • Working closely with Saviour King Ministries, we were able to get the word out for child sponsorship in the Kibera slums by re-vamping their website, taking portraits of the children, writing web content, and filming.
  • Interviewed leading non-profits: Ekisa, Abide, and Saviour King, all of whom are actively changing the face of orphan care in East Africa.


 While in Uganda, members of the team met up with co-founder, Kelsey Nielson of Abide Family Center. With great passion she dove into the heart of the orphan care issue of her city, Jinja. The vast majority (4 out of 5) of the children are not separated from their parents by death, but by poverty. And while most orphan care organizations either take the children into an institution, or sponsor the child to pay for their school fees, Abide goes a step further. Kelsey’s team centers their help on the parents. Whether they are struggling with addiction, behavioral problems, or unemployment- Abide meets them where they’re at and works to get them back to stability. This means building an orphanage or even sponsoring a child financially for 10+ years is no longer needed as the parent is able to cover their child’s needs, bringing a greater sense of dignity, self-reliance, and worth.


“The way I see those responding to the call of the most vulnerable, reminds me of the way God cares for us- we are His first priority, above the stars, universe and the most beautiful creation you can imagine. Children are His prize, and we should care in the same way.”

-Megan Meinecke (USA)

“For thousand of years mankind has been telling stories. Using my camera I want to share the stories of vulnerable children, children who have dreams, a soul and a future.”

-Samuel Rich (UK)


Right now we’re waiting for visa approval from the Indian consulate, and we will be on our way! From much prayer and seeking the Lord, we feel that in India we will meet one of the children who will carry the Eloy story. We will also be releasing a sneak peak of our documentary alongside a commercial series promoting the orphan care movement.


Thank you for your prayers, here are some specific needs of the team:

  • Physical healing: some of our team members are struggling with different aches, pains, and other conditions
  • The “Eloy” of India: as we cover this child’s story, prayers for “divine pacing” (we have little time, and much to cover!)
  • Musical Composer: we are praying and believing that God will provide us with a composer to partner with
  • Finances: our plane tickets will cost roughly $800 each, and we’d like to bless the family that we’ll be working with (Chuba & Sona) with clothing for the orphans they care for, as well as an iPhone and iPad to further their ministry.

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