Into India


Into India

October 2014

Greetings from India! Is it fall already?! The sun continues to blaze away here in Kolkata, but we’re excited for this next season.

India is truly everything one can imagine plus a million honking horns. In one of the largest cultural adjustments we’ve ever undergone, our team has discovered that laughter and humility are powerful tools to make the most of every situation.

For the past month and a half we’ve been building relationships at a day center for street teen boys. One of them (Sanjoy) has opened up to us, and we will begin following his story of life on the streets. So much waiting, trusting, and prayer has gone into this opportunity, and we can’t stop praising Jesus for this promise-land moment.


  • Working at Life Connection (the day center for street teen boys) we had the opportunity to bless the directors with a promo video. They sent it to a church in London and will hopefully be receiving the support they need.
  • Word is beginning to spread! Gofundme and Facebook have graciously helped fund and raise awareness for Eloy, and an article on our journey will be featured in TransformNations magazine.
  • Happy 1 Year Anniversary! On September 17th our team celebrated one year of travelling and filming.

DIVING DEEPER: 5 Things to Know About Street Boys in Kolkata

  1. Abuse in the home is the main reason you’ll see these boys on the streets. The Times of India reported that 53% of children in India have been sexually abused (though many never file reports) and that every 2 out of 3 children have been subject to other forms of abuse.
  2. Sniffing glue is a common method used to prevent and stop hunger pains, but providing free meals makes a big difference.
  3. Although education is legally free, implementation and tracking the street children to place in classes needs improvement. Not one of the boys we worked with have been placed in a school. Sponsoring children through organizations like Compassion International is a great way to act now.
  4. The boys are absolutely lovely! They are funny, servant-hearted, rough and tumble, but really just a whole gamut of personality. We love them.
  5. Most street boys are viewed in a way similar to the untouchables. But organizations like Life Connection and Daisy Project (we personally worked with both) are actively speaking value into their lives and offering practical help.


“When God slams a door closed, sometimes dust gets in your eyes and seeing Him becomes difficult and hazy. But when the dust settles, the Old Faithful One is still beside you, and you realize He’d closed the door on a monstrous monsoon and opened it on a  peaceful fishing boat of faith.”

-Gabriella Fritz (Costa Rica)

“I now know what lies beyond my limits. And thank God, it’s Christ’s love.”

-Casey Walker (USA)


The next couple months are definitely a faith journey for our team. We are working to obtain filming rights to a “certain country” in Asia, but it will take nothing short of a miracle to be approved. We are also very excited to be working in Thailand and Cambodia (God willing) before returning home for a rest at Christmas.

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