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Eastern Europe


Happy January! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. It’s been an incredible last few months for our team, full of new learning, challenges, and celebration. Since September we have travelled and filmed across Eastern Europe- meeting with directors of orphanages, doctors, orphans who are now adults, adoptive families, and many others who are working on the front lines of orphan care. In a way that only God can provide, we are capturing stories that we believe will change lives; stories that challenge listeners to both move and uplift the rising generation of orphans.  


  • Interviewing  Dorin Cioba, “King of the Gypsies” in Romania on child abandonment.
  • Revealing vulnerability of children to trafficking in Moldova.
  • Aiding Syrian refugee mothers.
  • Meeting Turkish parents of children with disabilities who refuse to abandon their kids.


We’ve quickly come to find that the problem of orphan care is vastly complex. Trafficking, disease, racism, corruption and other issues all play a role in child abandonment or death of a parent. As one interviewee poignantly noted, “[in orphan care] you must learn to walk in the eye of the hurricane.” And it’s true, by remaining in God’s peace and hope, solutions can emerge. In the last 3 months we have uncovered models of orphan care that are working and that could likely be replicated in other countries. These models include transition homes for aged out orphans, foster care, community care, child sponsorship, and hosting.

We are also excited to announce a new section of our webpage that provides an overview of our findings in each country. You can track along with us, and see how God is at work! Visit our website and click on the “countries visited” tab to check it out.


“Before I didn’t appreciate to the extent I do now the many privileges I had growing up with parents and grandparents who poured wisdom and love into my life even when I wasn’t appreciative. Without them I would be a very different person in a very different place.”

-Samuel Rich (United Kingdom)

  “On this journey we’ve been thrown into impossible situations, ones where I realize the task before us is impossible for six imperfect humans, but I remember what Jesus said, “Things which are impossible to men are possible with God.” And my mind is blown and my faith soars because it is true, and I see it everyday; we are still here, still traveling, still documenting and that, in itself, is totally God’s doing.”

-Gabriella Fritz (Costa Rica)

“What’s impacted me the most since starting this journey is seeing the sacrifice of individuals for orphan care, and yet their refusal to call it a sacrifice.”

-Megan Meinecke (USA)


Right now we are finishing out our European tour in England and Belgium and starting a new chapter in East Africa: Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. A few members of the team have already worked in these regions, so we will be returning to our contacts and also meeting with new ones. Some topics we’ll be covering include “double orphans,” AIDS, genocide and more.


Thank you for your prayers, here are some specific needs of the team:

  • Wisdom: Looking for God’s direction with every country we enter
  • Team Unity: that we grow closer in Christ every day
  • Finances: coverage for continued travel, housing, and food

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