On a journey to 22 nations, a film team finds

hope in the lives of three orphaned children. 

Who We Are

We are a team of six filmmakers who set out on a journey to find solutions to the global orphan crisis. After two documentary projects and overseas volunteer service in ArgentinaPanama, Rwanda, Uganda, India and Nepal with media advocacy non-profit, A Voice for the Voiceless, our team gathered in 2013 to plan and begin a two-year journey to 22 nations. A crowd-funding campaign coupled with the team’s personal contributions to allow the completion of the filming and post-production.

Our Findings: 

  • Of the 8-10 million children living in orphanages, over 80% of them have a living parent.
  • Poverty is the leading cause for a parent to separate from their child
  • Emotional trauma and developmental delays for children living in orphanages are widespread, including detachment disorders, lower IQ levels, and problems with aggression, anxiety and depression
  • These children are 10 times more likely to enter prostitution, 40 times more likely to have a criminal record, and 500 times more likely to commit suicide within 2 years of leaving their orphanage.

Our Film

LOST KITES is a full-length feature documentary that captures the stories three abandoned kids braving their way, and a film team that discovers a call to restore families.

Our Mission

With our film, “LOST KITES” we aim to see vulnerable families strengthened, and children restored to family -globally.


Our documentary, “LOST KITES,” promotes three major action steps:

  1. Safely transfer global funding from orphanages to family-based care
  2. Increase the number of workers to prevent separation and restore children to families
  3. Encourage foster care and adoption when necessary

Financial Support

Donations will enable our team to:

  1. Spread the message of family-based care by covering travel costs to show the film across North America and Europe
  2. Effectively utilize media networks to gain wider coverage of “LOST KITES,” resulting in greater public understanding of un-parented children’s imminent needs, and increased motivation to take positive action

How Can You Take Action?

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children”  — Nelson Mandela

Carmela (featured in our film) had heart defects that would have been fatal.

Donate to help her loving family cover the cost of heart surgery.

Keep checking back for more action points and ways to get involved. 

Donate To Carmela's Surgery 


One of our goals is to highlight those championing and helping children without families.

We hope to network like minds and inspire others in what they could do.

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